Elsewhens Guardian Agent managed IT care has allowed us to focus on what we do best

Jeff Hodson

Elsewhen Technology has made IT issues in our small business seamless. Disruptions of our day are rare due to their diligence in monitoring, planning, integrating with software providers, and responding promptly to urgent issues.

EWT Guardian Controls Costs And Prevents Emergencies

We have had to train ourselves to just make a phone call and issues are promptly addressed, rather than scrambling to find a solution. I have found their input on things as simple as which printer to purchase a valued resource.

The comprehensive plan for our business ranging from protection of data to structured replacement schedules for hardware has given us a clearly defined path that makes budgeting for our IT needs clear.

Elsewhen Technology Swept All Their Cares Away!

As a business owner, the best thing Elsewhen did for me is allow me to relax and enjoy my profession.