The Computer Closet Project

The Computer Closet is a FREE and environmentally responsible way to dispose of old computers, servers, and other IT devices.

Computer Closet is a joint effort of Elsewhen Technology and the Kokomo Rescue Mission. The Kokomo Rescue Mission provides shelter for homeless men as well as providing other services to the needy. The Computer Closet Project is designed to help the Rescue Mission while keeping old computing devices from ending up in landfills.

Here Is How the Program Works

  • Businesses can simply drop of their old equipment at our office or arrange for a pick up by contacting Elsewhen Technology.
  • All device hard drives are purged with a high tech process that meets Department of Defense 5220.22-M standards for data cleansing.
    This means it is impossible to restore any data from the hard drive. A Certificate of Disposal is available.
  • The purged equipment is then delivered to the Kokomo Rescue Mission and a tax deduction for your business is available through the Kokomo Rescue Mission for the donated equipment.

A Way to Help the Community

The Mission hires homeless men to work in their repair facility where any reusable equipment is repaired. Parts from unusable equipment are removed and used to fix other equipment. The restored computers are given to needy families in the community so they have access to modern technology or they are sold in the Mission store to support the programs of the Mission.

Elsewhen Technology is excited to be able share in the valuable contributions the Rescue Mission makes to support the needy in the greater Howard County community.